What in the world is a Virtual Assistant? And what are the benefits?

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I am so glad you asked!

A virtual assistant (or VA for short) is a self-employed professional who provides administrative and/or technical support to businesses.  These businesses can be large or small, virtual or brick and mortar, and located anywhere in the world. Why? Because the VA’s work is done completely online, over the phone or via video.  A business needing extra help, but not an extra employee, can hire a virtual assistant to handle a plethora of tasks which will allow them to focus on productivity and growth.

To answer your other question, there are many, many benefits to hiring a virtual assistant.  I’m going to reference an article from Rescue a CEO entitled “19 Entrepreneurs Explain the Benefits of Using a Virtual Assistant” because it provides valuable feedback from actual business owners that have used virtual assistants and understand their value.  Below, I’ve highlighted just a few of the recurring themes.


More Time

Who doesn’t want more of this?!?  Time is mentioned 28 times in the article making it one of the primary reasons for hiring a virtual assistant.  From a personal viewpoint, delegating the time-consuming tasks to a virtual assistant will gain you more time to spend with your family and friends.  And from a business viewpoint, you will acquire more time to meet with clients and explore new business opportunities and thus grow your business.

Don’t waste any more of your precious time doing stuff you don’t like, don’t have time for or just don’t want to do. It’s exactly what virtual assistants thrive on.  Let our passions and expertise get you back to building your business.


More Money…for You

Since virtual assistants work from their home, a coffee shop, or other venue, you don’t have to provide office space, benefits, vacation days, or morning coffee (in my case, that alone will save you a ton!).  They work wherever they want…except in your office.  In addition, virtual assistants are self-employed freelancers or independent contractors which means we pay our own taxes.  Your only cost is for the time we work for you.

Sumit Bansal (#5) summarizes it perfectly, “For me, the main benefit of using a virtual assistant is that it takes the routine work off my plate. I use my VA to manage tasks such as posting and engaging on social media, handling emails and creating simple graphics for blog/social media. While this work is quite straight forward, it still needs to be done. Giving this work to a VA allows me to focus on more  specialized tasks, such as creating content, recording videos, and building relationships with influencers. Since hiring a VA, I have witnessed a higher RoI on the time invested in my online business.”


More Productivity and Efficiency

By working with virtual assistants, you can focus on the core operations of your business allowing for more efficiency and productivity.  We clear your mind and desk of all the clutter that goes into running a business, but can suck your productivity out the door.  In Kenneth Jackson’s article on BusinessTown.com, “8 Ways to Increase Productivity in the Workplace“, he lists the top two ways to ensure productivity in your business: be efficient and delegate.  Although it doesn’t speak directly about virtual assistants, that’s exactly what we do to help your business grow.  We make you efficient when you delegate your busy work to us. And who doesn’t want growth? Well, maybe the mayor in The Lorax, but I digress…


Other benefits include:

Run the backend of a business – Maddy Osman, The Blogsmith

Freedom to continue to establish and develop relationships with clients – Simone Vincenzi, GTeX

Provide needed business support to business people – Eric Wall, Equivity

Peace of mind – Chris Jones, Davinci Virtual

Getting back to doing what you love – Sacha Ferrandi, Source Capital Funding


So whatever it is that’s taking away your time, money, efficiency, and productivity…whatever is keeping your business from growing…contact me today for a solution.

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I want to welcome you to my business, OnPointe Virtual Assistants, and thank you for visiting my website!  I know it’s not much, but I do hope you come back as I will be adding more pages in the future.  

One thing I’d like to expound more upon is my tagline – You Are the Point!  I want to make sure you, the busy real estate professional, small business owner or individual, are the focal point of my business.  I’m here to serve YOU and want to be sure you are well taken care of.  We should both feel confident and comfortable sharing ideas and suggestions during the entire project process.  If you don’t particularly care for a suggestion I make, then tell me! And if I feel something you suggested doesn’t make sense, I will explain why and offer another alternative.  However, you don’t have to take it. 🙂  My ultimate goal is to produce results that result in your success which results in my success.

I’m looking forward to succeeding together!

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